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Current Boylesports Free Bet Offer - ₦7500 in Free Bets

FBO Rating:

The Boylesports free bet now offers newly registered customers up to ₦7500 worth of free bets when they register and create an account.

Sign up to Boylesports today through Free Betting Online, and place your first sports bet of ₦1500 or more at odds of at least 1/2 (combined for multiples) and Boylesports will then reward you with a ₦1500 free bets. You can earn a further ₦6000 in free bets by following some very simple qualifying requirements making the total amount on offer, a whopping ₦7500!

Significant Terms as follows:-

  • New Customers Only. Aged 18+
  • To claim the further ₦1500 in free bets, you will receive a matched free bet equal to the average of your next three qualifying bets up to ₦1500
  • This will happen for every three qualifying bets up to four times for a maximum of ₦6000
  • This will then give you a maximum potential total of ₦7500
  • The first free bet will be credited within 1 hour of the first qualifying bet being settled
  • Free bets cannot be used over the same selections
  • All free bets redeemed will expire within 7 days of receipt
  • Full T&C's Apply.

How the new Boylesports Free Bet works

As part of our special relationship with Boylesports, simply register for a new Boylesports account by clicking on any link or banner that you see on Free Betting Online, then make an opening bet of ₦1500 or more. You will then receive a ₦1500 free bet.

After claiming the initial ₦1500 matched free bet you will receive a matched free bet equal to the average of your next 3 qualifying bets up to ₦1500. You can then claim this for every three qualifying bets up to four times for a maximum of ₦6000 in free bets not including the original matched free bet, making the total amount on offer ₦7500 in free bets.

Terms and Conditions apply - please see bookmaker's website for details.

Click here to claim your ₦7500 Boylesports free bets

Boylesports offers various betting channels for their customers. There's the welcoming network of nationwide retail branches, their state-of-the-art online Sports betting, Poker and Casino sites and their Fon-A-Bet service staffed by friendly and highly trained agents. Of course this is all additional to the generous Boylesports free bet offer.

John Boyle

Who are Boyle sports?

Isle of Man-registered online bookmakers which was the brainchild of a canny Irishman with an eye for a virtual opening, John Boyle back in 1989. Boylesports offer the bet-addled punter a triumvirate of ways to do business, all with customer ease central to their philosophy. Alongside their state-of-the-art internet betting presence (as casually linked to hereabouts), Boylesport are also represented on the high street in a retail capacity and offer what they have coined their 'Fon-A-Bet' mobile phone wager-placing service to complete a three-pronged charm offensive on the betting community's acute senses.

As far as the broader demographic are concerned, you might have subliminally clocked the name Boylesports whilst watching BBC1's Match of the Day programme or Sky Sports Barclays Premier League live match coverage. And why? Because their name used to adorn the Sunderland kits, acting as the official club sponsor from 2007-2010. If you're Irish, the chances are that you've acknowledged their recent commercial association with both the Eircom League of Ireland and the Irish FA.

What's the script then?

Well Boylesports are heavily into football and horse racing; so much so that they'd be their specialist subjects in a pub quiz for sure. They're well versed in both online Sports Betting disciplines to the point that they don't miss a trick when it comes to delivering just about every angle and dimension on the Nigeria's two highest profile interactive gambling markets. Naturally Boylesports have expanded their horizons to swallow up various other virtual betting destinations too - including poker, casino, lotteries, games, skill, mobile and bingo - to prove that when it's not on the ball it's, well, on the ball if you get our drift? 21 different sports are covered by Boylesports' online presence, so unless you're looking to back a hunch on the Tiddly Winks World Matchplay Championship (yes, we've just made that one up) then you'll be in luck should you wish to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to any major sporting event. And while we're on the subject of such prestigous sporting spectacles, BoylePoker runs Europe's biggest poker event, the IPO (The International Poker Open). The annual event hosted in Dublin is attended by around 1400 players including some of the biggest names in Poker such as Nicky Power, Padraig Parkinson and John O'Shea. All very grand indeed.

Who's Behind it?

A bloke going by the name of John Boyle. Well, he invented it anyroad, back in Ireland in 1989. naturally he has built a team around him as Boylesports became increasingly successful within the betting industry, outgrowing the remit of one man, and as they say, the rest is history. Having previously hooked up with both Barclays Premier League club, Sunderland (not quite sure if it was the Niall Quinn connection, the former owner/chairman of Sunderland) and the Eircom League of Ireland, Boylesports have secured a commercial sponsorship package with the Irish FA to boot, so as to highlight and cement their football betting ambition.

What's so good about it?

FBO Rating:

Where do you want us to start? We could bang on about the fandabidozee online horse racing form book that's instantly accessible to Boylesports free bet users, and that directs you to individual race cards, form guides and a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute results service. Or we could alternatively wax lyrical about their clever little racing radio and audio feeds that reward the Boylesports interweb user with racing and football match commentary when and where you want it.

And don't start us on Boylesports' almost exhaustive football statistics section, that flags up a cornucopial amount of tip-top statistical and far-reaching analytical information pertaining to all things fussball and socceroo. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.

And don't forget the unique Boylesports Bet2View facility, that allows the punter to avidly follow livehorse racing feeds from the comfort of their own home (providing they're sitting in front of theirPCc, and not expecting an overhead projected image to be miraculously beamed onto their lounge wall). However to 'bring it on' you must place a bet of no less than ₦1500 on any given race to ensure qualification. Hardly a chore now is it?

Other useful features such as a bet calculator and a live betting diary are displayed in the right hand menu on the home page, whilst all the major sports events they cover are to the immediate left hand side of your screen. And whilst we're on the subject of the home page, the screen is continually refreshed so you don't have to. Saves you the trouble of having to click on the mouse which can be so tedious. All the very latest odds and prices available with regard major, current sporting events are illustrated in the centre of the home page in a clear cut and informative manner.

And then there's the cool as ice Boylesports i-bar. A fantastic down-loadablee floating toolbar device that allows the user to stay in touch with up-to-the-minute deals and offers at Boylesports, whilst connecting you to continual RSS sports news feeds throughout your online life; which also allows you to link to your otherinteractivee applications at the same time.

A live bet slip allows you to keep tabs on your current wagers from any page on the site you may have navigated to. Is there anything they haven't thought of?

How Quickly do they pay out?

FBO Rating:

Normally within 72 hours you'll receive your winnings from previous experience, so they're not exactly lick to lag, yet have to allow a certain time to validate and process credit card details, then it's in the hands of your particular credit card company to release the funds to your bank account.

Who are Boyle sports?

Is the website design layout & ease of navigation up to scratch?

FBO Rating:

If you like your online betting portals to be clear and crisp, with every control, client interaction and navigation tab exactly where it ought to be in a no-nonsense, straight-talking fashion, then you've come to the right place. Boylesports' website is gimmick-free, talks your language and pulls no punches, yet at the same time remains contemporary in feel and look. It's not cluttered with needless, excruciatingly flashy gubbins that detract from the important bits, and nor does it blind you with science. Our opinion is that the Boylesports web presence is a lesson in efficiency, effortlessly blended with a discerning style. Think of it if you will as the BMW of the betting world's websites. That's to say all the knobs and dials work with a resounding clunk and click.

Do they offer a good cross-section of betting odds and markets?

FBO Rating:

Yes and no to be frank, what they do do, they do without quibble, fuss or delay, but the teensy-weensy things they don't cover are a point of conjecture to the habitual moaners. Or hormonal. Boylesports extract information, research their fields and compile a myriad of betting odds on all the big business sports out there and, of course there is the Boylesports free bet which is simple to register for. No argument. Nevertheless they aren't the quickest to branch out to other areas of potential, and the comfort zone provided by horse racing and football might come around and bite them on their backsides if they don't move with the times in the foreseeable. But like we said, what they do, they do the best.

Is the customer Service much cop?

FBO Rating:

Second to none in our book. Boylesports are on hand 24/7 to address, provide a solution and ultimately resolve any problems that you might encounter whilst visiting or using their website. They pride themselves on the level they proffer, and ask to be judged upon it. So there you go.

Who are Boyle sports?

So what's the catch?

Some people say that the Bet2View live horse racing feeds are a bit shabby around the edges, and let down the otherwise smooth, seamless veneer offered by the rest of the site's assimilations. Admittedly it could be a bit slicker, however servers and such technical like are often out of internet betting providers' control. Again some folk (usually the type that spend a deal of time and paper writing to Points of View complaining for the sake of it) suggest that the range of sports and markets are far from spectacular. Admittedly Boylesportsdon'tt stretch their expertise to every event – sporting or otherwise – that people get up to around the globe, but the fields they do concentrate their efforts in are done to near-perfection.

Boylesports' are proud of their Irish heritage, and their skill set in all Betting markets take in all British events, this much is true. However they've been accused of not addressing the ever-popular sports from elsewhere around the planet, especially across the pond with any North American pursuits to a notable effect. Just thought we tell you in case you thought we were on commission such is our seeming love-in hitherto.

Will they accept my plastic?

Yes. Just so long as it looks like Visa, Delta, Mastercard and doesn't contain the words NETeller orMoneybookerss across the front, due to recent fraudulent activity involving accounts using these payment methods.

Is the site secure?

Boyle Sports have installed the latest firewall technology. This acts as a secure barrier to detect any unauthorized access to our server immediately. Furthermore, utilises anti-fraud checks throughout all transaction and payment processes. There you go, proof from the horses mouth as it were. Well, cut and pasted from the Boylesports website for your peace of mind anyhow.

How can I contact them if I want to?

24 hour phone support and email support, backed up by continual live help is but a simple click away should you wish to discuss any account or betting issues that may arise during your time on the Boylesports website.

SUMMARY: Essentially Boylesports is like a one-stop online shop for all your t'internet betting demands. There, a strapline of sorts.

Who are Boyle sports?

Boylesports want you to be Responsible

Boylesports want you to enjoy your gaming experience with our company across all our channels. To this end, they promote the healthy use of their products and encourage customers to bet responsibly. If you believe you may have a problem with gambling, or know someone who does, they encourage you to seek help with the confidential organisations available to offer you the right support to help you combat the problem.

Boylesports want you to be Responsible

Boyle Sports Mission Statement

"At Boylesports, we aim to develop and market a modern sports betting service with unrivalled customer facilities to meet the identified needs of the gambling and non-gambling public via three distribution channels: Shops, Fon-A-Bet and online".

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